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Reporting Attendance by Phone –
Landline or mobile phone attendance system

Reliable reporting from remote sites and the field

Synerion’s solutions for attendance reporting by phone provide an accurate and reliable view of employees’ attendance/absence/tasks at remote sites and out in the field. They enable managers and supervisors to monitor employee attendance, work hours or tasks in real time.
Synerion offers a range of options to ensure the reliability of the reports, including voice recognition (biometric identification), which allows immediate authentication, anywhere and anytime, using landline or mobile phones.
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Simple and user-friendly operation

Attendance reports, which are submitted using landline or mobile phones, include employee authentication and location identification, based on a list of authorized sites. The application does not require any investment in dedicated hardware and software infrastructure at each site.

Attendance reporting by phone – main benefits

  • Accurate and reliable reporting of attendance/absence by employees at remote sites and in the field, with location verification according to an authorized site list
  • Project/task reporting for the purpose of labor costing, including resources such as machinery and production tools
  • Unambiguous voice recognition (biometric authentication) ensures immediate verification of truthful reporting
  • Accurate payment to employees according to actual attendance
  • No necessity to invest in dedicated hardware and software infrastructure
  • Payment per actual use
  • Savings in administrative resources required to collect and update data, and reduced data errors due to manual data input
  • Comprehensive, centralized view in real time that enables managers and supervisors to control and monitor their employees’ attendance
  • Convenient, simple, and user-friendly operation
  • Green paperless organization.

Attendance reporting by phone – key features

  • Attendance reporting by phone, which is based on clear and user friendly guidelines, takes only a few seconds
  • Reporting based on landline phones available at the site or employees’ mobile phones, without the need for additional infrastructure
  • Interfaces with every attendance system in the organization
  • Full control of the sign-in device and employee’s location at time of reporting, according to a list of authorized sites
  • A variety of options for unambiguous employee authenticity by means of voice recognition, personal code, etc.
  • Definition of authorized phone numbers for reporting and monitoring
  • Ability to add new employees and sites independently
  • Generating reports for monitoring purposes from Synerion Time and Attendance system.

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