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SAP Jam Collaboration

Connect Employees to Experts and Knowledge. Promote Social Collaboration to Get Work Done.

Social collaboration streamlines HR business processes across your organization – bringing people together to drive companywide results.

SAP Jam facilitates social collaboration in the workplace by connecting employees, customers, and partners with the people, information, content and processes they need to get the work done — all in your SAP Jam business applications on your mobile device.
SAP Jam combines several types of social collaboration to enable you to seamlessly infuse any business process with the power of social collaboration.

  • Transform onboarding and talent readiness – When combined with a formal onboarding program, social collaboration reduces the costs and resources needed to effectively onboard employees at scale. From the first day on the job, SAP Jam connects employees to the experts and information they need, enabling employees to easily share information and experiences.
  • Reinforcing a culture of continuous and collaborative learning – SAP Jam helps increase your employees’ effectiveness by tapping into their natural learning styles. Using discovery, collaboration, peer resources and expert finding, your employees will find new and inventive ways to get answers and broaden their on-the-job learning experience.
  • Drive company success with engaged employees – When employees are engaged, they feel connected to the overall success of the company. SAP Jam helps increase employee engagement by fostering mentoring relationships, connecting employees with peer-recognized experts to share knowledge in one-to-one or one-to-many relationships.
  • Streamline HR business processes – Improve cross-company communication and collaboration starting at the top. Announce company goals and initiatives and keep everyone up to date with the latest materials. Create an internal community to guide employees through new processes and allowing members to ask questions and get expert responses.
  • Social networking – Enables people / project groups / teams or departments, to share information, discuss, comment and post activities to the group feed, offer expertise endorsements, and follow people or topics.
  • Collaboration – From small, internal project teams to cross-company external groups to private-VIP customer information sharing spaces, collaboration brings people together to get the work done:
    o Share, view, download and annotate on files, images and videos from within SAP Jam or from your enterprise content management repository
    o Assign and track tasks to complete projects
  • Structured collaboration – Structure work activities by providing expectation guidelines using brainstorming, strategizing and decision-making sessions
    o Compare options using pro/con tables
    o Crowd-source information and get answers from idea and Q&A forums
    o Rank alternatives and aggregate results
    o Pre-build work patterns for education, training, information sharing, mentoring and coaching, bringing together people, data and processes.

Working together

SAP Jam Collaboration can be a stand-alone system, or a part of the cloud-based Synerion Success solution that integrates with Synerion Core HR, to provide the best cost-benefit ratio. It can also work alongside SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development, to upskill your people and prepare them for future roles.

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