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Synerion Report Generator

All the information you need for decision-making

The new web-based Synerion Report Generator allows any system user to build, design and maintain cross-module integrative reports, in an independent, intuitive and user-friendly way. Attendance, absence, labor costing, HR information from the extended employee file and any other data found in the Synerion Workforce Management systems, may be retrieved and integrated.

The Synerion Report Generator enables users, both at the managerial and operational levels, to produce personally customized reports using its advanced data slicing, sorting and filtering capabilities.

Produce clear and personally customized reports easily:

  • Secure access to information, based on user authorization profile
  • Access to system and recently used tables
  • Adding and removing filters as needed
  • Logical consolidation of fields by subject, for quick identification, selection and addition to the report
  • Preview to enable columns editing – addition, deletion, arrangement, etc.
  • Ability to add column summaries such as totals, average, minimum, maximum, and so on
  • Information retrieval and extraction of updated data from saved reports
  • Enables sharing of report formats with other users, where they can only see the information relevant to them
  • Display of reports by category: Favorite Reports, My Reports, Shared Reports
  • Emailing report results directly from the generator
  • Export to Excel and timing of reports to be sent to the use
  • Regional settings such as interface language, date format and more.

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