Evolving Human Resources
Into Human Capital

Advanced Tools for Effective and
Empowering Human Capital Management

Cloud Systems that Comply with the Highest Standards of Information Security and Privacy
Improve Employee and Candidate Experience
Get a Comprehensive View of your Employees
Secure Your Organization’s sites
Monitor Employee and Guest Attendance
Improve Productivity
Manage Employee Time Effectively
Reduce Overtime
Respond to Changes

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Advanced Tools for Effective and Empowering Human Capital Management

Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by Leading Companies

"Synerion's new solution changed our mindset - from decisions made after the fact to proactive and reactive decisions.
Managers have become significant partners in decision-making processes – not only are they responsible for their workforce management, but they also share in the responsibility for labor costs and profitability. The solutions have helped us to maximize our human resources vis-a-vis the tasks”.
Sharon Hod, Human Resources Manager, Kfar Maccabiah
"Since we started working with Synerion's systems and began paying employees according to a combination of actual attendance and the work schedule, our payroll calculation accuracy significantly improved.
Saving time on payroll reviews, accruals or time-off and other administrative tasks, improved efficiency and even employees’ satisfaction. Our employees now have transparency to their reports and know that they are accurately and fairly payed.”
Santiago Rabellini (ISA Accounts), CA (SA) at RAM

Why Synerion?

Information Security

Our cloud solutions comply with the highest standards of information security: ISO 27001 and SOC standards, as well as the Privacy Law and the GDPR.


For over three decades our solutions have assisted in maximizing employees’ efficiency, focusing on human capital management and improving business outcomes.


With over 8,000 customers worldwide, our solution help to manage more than 7,500,000 employees in a wide range of business sectors.


Constant tracking of global trends and adoption of high-end technologies, assure that our solutions meet your needs and provide added value, now and in the future.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Our modular approach to comprehensive solutions enables control, informed decision making and meet your current and evolving needs.

Added Value

Our solutions are designed to ensure that you get the most out of our systems, the best return on investment, and improved business results.

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