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Solutions for Hospitality

Specially designed for the hospitality sector, the Synerion Hospitality Suite is the most comprehensive and integrated workforce management (WFM) solution that allows the industry to face its major challenge of controlling labor costs without compromising the quality of service they provide to their guests.
It enable members of the sector to manage more effectively staffing demands, to increase employee productivity and guest satisfaction, without compromising the organization’s financial performance.

Cost-Effective Planning

Synerion WFM forecasting and planning capabilities enable managers in the hospitality industry to match staffing needs to actual variables that affect labor demand, such as expected occupancy levels, seasonal variations and booked events. It also takes into account individual employee availability, budgetary considerations, labor regulations and the needs of each distinct department and location.

Synerion’s integrated solutions for the hospitality industry effectively address such issues as forecasting, planning, scheduling, employee time and attendance and absence management and more. These solutions enable organizations in this sector to find the right balance between customer satisfaction and operational costs, for the achievement of more profitable results. 
Reducing risks due to lack of compliance with labor laws

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has increased its activities of enforcing labor laws, with special focus on the hospitality sector. Within this framework, employers are held personally responsible and criminal liable, including managers personally.
Synerion’s alerts system, which provides warnings on a variety of work schedule and attendance issues, allows you to reduce risk and prevent corporate and personal fines due to lack of compliance with labor laws. The system alerts you of deviance from the amount of hours allowed, the number of shifts, intervals between shifts, the number of continuous working days, and other issues defined by the user. 

From Recruitment to Retention of Human Resources

In a market of high employee mobility, our solutions help you to recruit and retain the best. Our recruitment system helps you identify the candidates most suitable to meet the job requirements, and to shorten and streamline the recruitment process.
Performance management processes enable you to identify the employees with the highest yield and contribution in order to reward them accordingly. Our systems help you prepare compensation as well as mobility and promotion plans for such employees, in order to ensure retention of the most affective and talented employees, and to reduce expensive costs due to high employee turnover.

Main Benefits of Synerion’s Solutions for Hospitality
  • Synerion’s new web-based scheduler matches staffing needs to actual variables that affect labor demand, such as expected occupancy levels, seasonality and booked events, to prevent over- and under-staffing
  • Ability to identify gaps between the budget forecast and the planned schedules before such deviations occur
  • System  scheduling recommendations based on prioritizing and availability 
  • Loan employees between hotels/departments for a whole or part of  a day
  • Ability to reduce labor costs  by offering a list of recommended employees based on rate, hours worked and vacation balance, in order to provide managers with the “entire picture” to support scheduling decisions
  • Reduced risks and prevention of penalties by means of an alert engine that warns of deviations from work hours, number of shifts, rest time between shifts, number of consecutive days worked and additional parameters defined by the user
  • Dynamic notifications, updates and alerts about over-staffing/ understaffing, attendance, absences, over time and more  
  • Compliance with labor and wage laws and regulations, personal contracts and collective agreements
  • Recruitment and retention of the most talented and productive employees and reduction in employee turnover.
Key Features of Synerion’s Solutions for Hospitality
  • Translation of workload estimates into staffing requirements and employee shift and task management
  • Comparison of actual attendance with scheduling plans, to identify deviations and manage by exception
  • Real-time view of actual costs compared to planned costs
  • Alerts on potentially problematic issues, such as visa renewals and compliance with legal requirements
  • New online employee file saving all employee data, including courses, tutorials and training, skills, disciplinary hearings, summary of personal evaluations, documentation of work accidents, tracking of medical tests and more
  • Employee and manager self-service, based on authorizations, that enables viewing and updating of information in real time and improves communication regarding shift management and absence requests
  • Central control panel (dashboard), alerts and notifications, as well as analytics capabilities, allow trend analysis and the flagging of issues that require immediate and long term attention
  • Performance management tool to identify the most talented and productive employees and the building of incentive and compensation plans for them
  • Planning mobility and promotion for talented employees, as well as career and succession planning.

Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by the Hospitality Sector


“Since we started using the Synerion Hospitality Scheduler module we have been able to save 3% of our labor costs as compared to last year… and not at the expense of our great service!”

Princesa Yiaza

The managers of the exclusive Princesa Yiaza hotel in Spain, explain how Synerion solutions help them to effectively manage scheduling and absence, control labor costs and comply with labor laws.

Kfar Maccabiah

“Managers have become significant partners in decision-making processes – not only are they responsible for their workforce management, but they also share in the responsibility for labor costs and profitability. The solutions have helped us to maximize our human resources vis-a-vis the tasks”.

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