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Solutions for Manufacturing

In an era of global competition, a decline in profit margins and the need to maintain competitive prices, manufacturers must streamline business processes and reduce production costs on the one hand, and recruit and retain quality professionals accountable for the products’ competiveness in the market on the other.
Synerion solutions for the manufacturing industry allow you to manage the work hours and labor costs and their impact on the manufactured product’s final price. With our solutions, you can recruit quality professionals, as well as identify, reward, nurture and retain over time the employees who contribute the most to the organization.

Controlling Labor Costs

Efficient workforce management enables you to reduce operational costs and increase productivity. Synerion solutions for the manufacturing industry allow you to manage automatically employee time and attendance data, the capture of attendance/absence information, process data in line with labor laws and individual and collective agreements, and the transfer of information to payroll and other systems within the organization.

Central control panel (dashboard) as well as an alerts and notifications mechanism covering such subjects as attendance and absenteeism, help managers responds to unexpected changes with immediate corrective action, without affecting daily operations or the bottom line.

Recruiting, Nurturing and Retaining Professionals

In an era of fierce competition for quality professionals and young Y-generation employees, our solutions will help you to recruit and retain the best.
Our recruitment system will help you streamline the recruitment process and identify those most suitable to meet the job requirements.
Performance management processes enable you to identify the employees with the highest output and the best professional qualifications, as well as detect the gaps that need to be filled. With Synerion systems you can prepare compensation plans and manage learning needs to help you promote and retain employees for the long-term and to train them to fulfill the future needs and objectives of the organization.

Key Benefits of Synerion’s Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
  • Savings of up to 3% in operating costs by automating processes, reducing overtime and accurate calculation of working hours
  • Ensuring work continuity on the production lines with quick response time to absences and unexpected changes
  • Reduced exposure to regulatory risks through proper management of individual and collective employee agreements and compliance with labor laws
  • Maintaining the proper proportion of permanent employees compared to temporary employees
  • Ability to identify the employees with highest contribution to the organization in order to nurture and retain them in the long run
  • Identifying immediate and future learning needs in order to close gaps in skills and capabilities and enable the realization of company goals.
Key Features of Synerion’s Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
  • Automated processes for the collection and analysis of attendance and absenteeism data for payroll preparation
  • Labor costing by production line and analysis of work hours in accordance with scheduling
  • Management of a variety of employment agreements – global, shifts, flexi time, and others
  • Employee and manager self-service tools, based on an authorizations mechanism, that enable real-time viewing and updating of information for improved communication regarding absence requests and shift management
  • Central control panel (dashboard), alerts and notifications, as well as analytics capabilities, enable monitoring and control, trend analysis and flagging of issues that require immediate and long term attention
  • Systems for recruitmentperformance managementlearning managementcompensation management and more, for nurturing and retention of highly qualified employees.

Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by Manufacturers

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