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Access Control Systems

Smart Access Control Solutions to manage Entrance to the Organization

Access control systems enable you to monitor and control entrance to areas that you want to protect, and prevent the entry of unauthorized individuals. The systems monitor the entrance and exit of both employees and guests.
Synerion provides a wide range of smart access control solutions for the management of entry and exit authorizations and the security of your premises, meeting every access control challenge.
The access control systems fully integrate with the Synerion Time and Attendance system, eliminating the need for duplication of employee data, enabling data flow between systems, and guaranteeing an easy integration by importing data from the previous system at the time of installation of the new one.

The systems include software, a range of access controllers, biometric, special proximity, Bluetooth, and integrated-technology readers and more, as well as interlock locking solutions for managing clean rooms.

The Access Control system, designed in Israel and manufactured by Rosslare, allows for the monitoring of entrance / exit doors, elevators, computer and server rooms, R&D departments, parking lots and any area that requires access control: elevator control, entrance barriers to parking lots, connectivity to fire detection systems, access controllers with NVR-DVR video systems, LPR cameras (License Plate Reader) for parking lots, and management of a central system for companies scattered on various physical sites.

Access control – an integral part of the security array

  • Modular online management of networked multi-door controllers with up to 30,000 or 100,000 access rights users (depending on controller type) and up to 10,000 doors.
  • Option to manage the access control system, attendance system and any security devices, in Genesys,
    L CONTROL  ,Digivod , MAGAL and other Command and Control Systems
  • A variety of proximity card readers, readers-decoders, readers combined with a bell button, biometric readers, Bluetooth readers, integrated- technology readers, facial recognition and fingerprint readers, Sabbath mode readers and more, all of which can be combined for increased security – OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol(
  • Support for a range of access controllers: AC-425, AC-225, AC-215 over IP communication.
  • Access control of elevators, parking lot entrance barriers, connectivity to fire detectors, access controllers with video NVR-DVR systems and cameras to identify license plates– LPR for parking lots including an option for Bluetooth with a range up to 12 m.
  • Management of visitor tracking with automated generation of reports on visitor statistics.
  • Alert management with option to display alerts on screen in real time: visual and audio notifications, popup windows in case of an event, etc.
  • Issuing tags without the need for additional software – interfaces with most printers.
  • Optical tamper mechanism for protecting proximity readers and issuing alerts in case of attempts to temper.
  • Automatic detection of new controllers at the time of installation.
  • Support for 64 time zones.
  • The system was developed based on advanced .Net code that works under the latest operating systems and can be installed on most types of servers, including virtual servers.
  • SQL database or SQL Express for SMB.
  • The system can be deployed as a central system using client-server architecture.

The access control system automatically and continuously records employees’ comings and goings and transfers the data to the Time and Attendance system, which analyzes the data for payroll calculation according to employment agreements.

Synerion's Access Control Solutions Utilized by Leading Companies

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