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Access Control Software

Access control software systems monitor doors, passageways, parking lots, warehouses, and other areas you want to secure. The systems allow entry of authorized personnel only, and document entries and exits, as well as attempts of unauthorized entry.

  • Ability to control up to 10,000 doors
  • Support for smart cards
  • Control of a range of access controllers, including AC -425, AC -225, AC -215
  • AC-825IP controllers, including Vitrax and Audio systems, integrated with AxTrax access control software, enable controller and computer recording, and “pop-up pictures” viewing in the access control system
  • Advanced technology: .Net programming language, SQL database, Windows 7, 32/64 bit operating system, Server 2012
  • Client-server architecture allows access from various terminals on the LAN – up to 30 Client stations
  • Option to define popup windows to alert in cases of exceptional events at every station
  •  The system continues to operate as a service even after server log-off
  •  Visitor module for approval/restriction of visitor entry on defined days/hours/dates, including the generation of reports
  • “Safe Procedure” – mandatory entry of two individuals
  • Control module for parking lots
  • Card and code combination for maximum security of safe boxes, etc.
  • Control of a variety of secure proximity readers: Tammuz, HID, and and EV1, EV2 DESFIRE
  • Ability to import data from previous systems at the time of installation
  • Automatic detection of controllers at the time of installation
  • Real-time display of events on the screen
  • Display of unauthorized entry attempts
  • Automatic generation of event reports
  • Report Generator
  • Graphic map displays the opening of doors in real time and alerts about door tampering to identify security breaches.


Access Control Systems by Rosslare

AxtraxNG Access Control System

30,000-100,000 access rights

Up to 8888 doors

Modular and scalable

Reports generator

Vitrax Access Control System

Video software that can be integrated with cameras and a shared database

By clicking on the event, you can see a snapshots from the Access control systems

Synerion's Access Control Solutions Utilized by Leading Companies

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