Why Synerion?

Workforce management solutions (WFM) that address your current and future needs

Expertise is based on a thorough study of a particular subject and years of experience. Synerion (formerly Lavie TimeTech) is synonymous with technological Workforce Management solutions (WFM): Time and attendance, absence management, labor costing, scheduling, and more.
The expertise we acquired over more than 30 years with more than 8,000 customers in a vast variety of market sectors, the constant tracking of world trends and innovations, and the utilization of advanced technologies, have enabled us to offer you the most comprehensive state-of-the-art WFM solutions. These solutions will answer your current needs, future challenges and the changes which new generations of employees bring into the organization.


Committed to the Highest Standards

Synerion adopts the highest standards in order to ensure the maximization of information security, as part of our cloud computing solutions.

Our information security mechanism is based on advanced methodologies and strategies for maintaining privacy, as well as for risk detection and management, while minimizing and preventing risks that affect the security of the company’s databases and assets.

Ongoing strict and objective control, performed by experts in the field, who are not employees of the company, guides us in dealing with information security challenges and regulatory aspects.

Understanding your specific needs and requirements

We at Synerion realize that although there are certain similarities between different organizations and different business sectors, each and every company is unique. That is why, before any project implementation, we study and analyze your specific needs, the way you work and your corporate culture. In this way, we can best customize our flexible systems for you and implement their rich functionality.

We see diversity as an advantage and not as an obstacle. Our solutions, therefore, work the way you do, as individuals and as teams, because no two people or organizations are alike.

Solutions that engage employees to achieve your business goals

New generations of workers require a change in our concept of human resources. Employees today want access to the information they need for their work from anywhere and at any time. We need to deepen their engagement in the organization, to show them how they contribute to achieving business goals, and to retain the talented ones over time.

Synerion solutions help you meet these challenges. Workforce management analytics help you achieve business goals, meet deadlines and reduce absenteeism.
Employee and manager self-service provide your employees access to information important to them and deepen their involvement in processes related to their work.
Talent Management solutions enable your employees to take responsibility for their future in the organization in the long run, in order for them to participate in the realization of the organization’s current and future goals.

Effective management of all stages of the employee life cycle

The human resource drives your organization’s success and hence the need to maximize its potential. Your main challenge in managing human capital, therefore, is to maximize the mutual interests between the employee and the organization, so that each side benefits from the relationship.

From daily workforce management, to recruitment and strategic talent management, Synerion solutions enable organizations to enhance their business performance and effectively manage the stages of the employee life cycle.

With Synerion solutions you can decide where and how to invest your human resource budget, to achieve optimal return on investment, realize your business objectives and develop and nurture your employees.

Unique implementation services that save time and costs

Insights and knowledge are acquired over years of experience and learning.
Synerion, with the the knowledge, expertise, and vast experience in providing human capital management solutions, offers advanced technological systems and services that enable implementation and maximization of system capabilities, using proven best practices.

Based on the in depth understanding and knowledge accumulated over the years, we have developed well-defined, structured, comprehensive, reliable best practices, that enable us to identify your actual needs, however complex, to shorten implementation processes, to save costs, and to make sure you benefit fully from our solutions.

Solutions that grow with you

Successful implementation of information systems in medium-size and larger organizations involves changes in work processes and the ability to obtain the commitment of employees to implement change.

Synerion solutions allow you to implement this process based on the purchasing model appropriate for you (hosting/on-premises), in full or in stages, at the pace that suits your organization.

Whether you opt to implement selected systems from the Synerion solution portfolio, or to implement gradually at organizational divisions or sites, our advanced solutions grow with your organization to provide it with added value and an ongoing response to its current needs and future goals.

Best cost-benefit ratio

Synerion is fully committed to your success. Our goal is to provide you with the most advanced technological solutions, the necessary consulting to implement them based on your specific needs, and the professional services required for the most effective deployment in the shortest time possible.

Our solutions are designed to ensure that you get the most out of our systems and the best return on your investment. With the help of our systems you can maximize your human resources to achieve the goals of your organization and to improve business results.