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Solutions for Retail

In a market where competitive advantage depends on a combination of reasonable prices and shopping experience, efficient workforce management affects the retail chain’s performance no less than the cost of procurement.
The need to have the right product, in the right place, at the right time is also true for human resource management: one must ensure that the right person is in the right place at the right time, to enrich the shopping experience and improve customer service.

Controlling Labor Costs

Synerion solutions for retail chains ensure transparency of working hours and their cost, regardless of whether the employee performs his work in one place or various tasks at different branches.

Our solutions enable you to automate business processes such as: direct onboarding of new employees at the branch by the branch managers, utilizing a process that ensures that all requirements have been fulfilled, including the legal ones; time and attendance management and preparation of data for payroll; analysis to ensure proper workforce coverage and to prevent over or under staffing, as well as tracking and providing prompt response to changes in the field, while keeping within the budget framework.  With Synerion solutions you can ensure accurate pay and operation within budget while maintaining business objectives.
Assign the Right People, to the Right Places, at the Right Time

Synerion’s Retail Scheduler sector enables you to:

Assign workers to shifts within the store’s working hours, ensuring that you have the appropriate hourly staff coverage to meet the needs of each branch, including employee lending between stores, in order to prevent over or under staffing. Staffing needs by revenue per POS / revenue per sq. meter can be obtained from external systems or from an Excel file.  

Open shift offerings to some or all department employees using a simple and smart workflow. The manager can select one of the employees who applied for the “open” shift, and upon approval, the employee is assigned to the shift.

Easy identification of gaps between the budget forecast, planned schedules and execution allows you to take corrective action and maintain the budget framework. You can view the budget by hourly and daily cumulative levels in order to avoid any deviations.

The Retail Scheduler uses all Synerion Scheduling infrastructures, including real-time alerts on non-compliance with labor laws, collective agreements and company’s policy. 

From Recruitment to Retention

In a market of high employee mobility, our solutions help you to recruit and retain the best. Our recruitment system enables you to identify the candidates who best meet the job requirements, as well as shorten and streamline the recruitment process.

The performance management process allows you to identify best performing employees with the highest contribution in order to reward them accordingly. Learning management systems help you close the gaps in the skills and capabilities of employees in the organization and to shorten the training times of new employees.
With our systems you can plan for successors, promote and retain quality employees over time, and prepare employees to meet the future needs and objectives of the organization.
Main Benefits of Synerion’s Solutions for Retail Chains
  • Decreased labor costs due to more accurate pay for actual working hours
  • Maintaining the budget framework
  • Transparency of working hours and their cost for employees who work at a single site or those who work at various branches
  • Reduced risks to the organization through proper compliance with employee agreements and compatibility with labor laws
  • Guaranteed service quality based on  required levels of coverage and seasonal changes
  • Savings in time-to-hire and recruitment costs, with maximum matching between job requirements and a candidate’s capabilities.
  • Streamlining learning and training processes
  • Employee compensation based on performance
  • Internal mobility and promotion of employees in order to assure future successors.
Key Features of Synerion’s Solutions for Retail Chains
  • Workforce planning and recruitment based on branch and headquarters requirements
  • Automation of business processes for collecting and analyzing attendance and absenteeism data for payroll
  • Support for a variety of employment , wage, and collective agreements, including such topics as management of break time and shift bonuses
  • Employee and managers self-service for, based on authorizations, which enables real-time viewing of information and improved communication in matters of shift management and absence requests
  • Central control panel (dashboard), alerts and notifications, as well as analytics capabilities, allow trend analysis and the flagging of issues that require immediate and long term attention
  • Identifying the candidates most suitable for the job requirements, shortening and streamlining the recruitment process
  • Learning and training planning  for veteran and new employees
  • Planning and preparing successors to fill key and other management roles.

Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by Retailers

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