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Solutions for the High-Tech Industry

Whether you are a start-up or a mature high-tech company, everyone in the industry feels the global talent shortage. Research shows that approximately 75% of high-tech employees actively look for other jobs or are open to interesting opportunities, should they arise.

Winning the war for talent

The fierce competition for talent is increasing each year, wages are skyrocketing, and many companies are opening development, production and service centers in countries where wages (and sometimes productivity) are lower. While the Millennials are job-hopping, expecting high wages, learning and developing opportunities, the war for attracting and retaining talent is getting worse and the talent is winning.
Synerion solutions enable you to unleash human capital potential and improve your competitive advantage. With Synerion’s systems, you can manage employee performance and identify the highest contributors to your organization. Our systems help you plan your employees’ career paths and professional development within the organization, retain them over time and prepare successors for the future.
Our solutions enable you to identify the most suitable candidates for the positions available, whether it is from your current employee base or from external sources, in a way that reduces time-to-hire and costs.
Moreover, even if you are not always watching the clock, our advanced time and attendance system, with employee/manger self-service and smartphone applications, allows you to effectively manage attendance and absences. The system allows for reporting time spent on a task / project, and is certified for reporting to the Chief Scientist.

Synerion Solutions for the High-Tech Industry – Main Advantages
  • Reduced time-to-hire by identifying the best candidates with the most suitable requirements for the job
  • Digital forms for more efficient onboarding and less administration
  • Attendance, tasks performed, and other reports for remote workers, local and worldwide, and in a variety of languages
  • Digitally signed reports to the Chief Scientist on time spent on a task / project
  • Identifying talents and retaining them by means of compensation, learning and professional development, and career planning within the organization.
Synerion Solutions for the High-Tech Industry – Main Features
  • Recruitment and screening tools for maximum matching between job requirements and candidate qualifications
  • Employee/Manager self-service and a smartphone application, to view real-time information and communicate attendance issues and absence requests
  • Automated reporting processes to reduce administration
  • Data collection via the Web, smartphone application, access control and more
  • Dashboard, alerts and proactive messages, and analytics tools enable trend analysis and identify topics that require immediate or long-term attention
  • Identification of immediate and future training needs in order to close skill gaps and to meet organizational goals
  • Performance management for identifying talented and high-performing employees
  • Career and succession planning.

Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by High-Tech Companies

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