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Human Capital Management Solutions

Synerion’s human capital management (HCM) comprehensive and modular suite of software solutions helps you plan, monitor, and maximize the employee life cycle in your organization.

Our solutions are both tactical and strategic:

By helping you to manage the employee life cycle in your organization, our solutions contribute to the maximization of your HR potential and improvement of business performance. 

Synerion provides you with advanced tools to enable you to effectively maximize and empower human capital management:

  • Comprehensive solutions with rich functionality, analytics and graphic displays for ease of use
  • Modular approach – solutions that grow with the organization to provide lasting value for short and long term needs
  • Global solutions that are fully adapted to local requirements, differences between companies, unique organizational needs and modes of operation, as well as multiple-language support
  • Leading HR solutions offering advanced technology by experienced companies in their field, to create synergy in the management of human capital
  • Best practices – professional services and methodologies that have been proven effective in practice
  • Best cost-benefit ratio.

Synerion’s new workforce management suite, Synerion WFM 4G, provides you with a comprehensive and modular solution that allows you to improve efficiency in your organization significantly: time and attendance management and absence management, scheduling to prevent under/over staffing, alerts for compliance with labor laws, labor costing, a Smartphone-based reporting application and more.

An innovative HTML employee and manager self-service tool provides direct access to information by all browsers. A control panel, which includes alerts and proactive notifications, draws your attention to issues that call for action. Analytics, reports and graphical views of integrated data, enable you to improve performance, increase efficiency, as well as respond actively to changes.

An advanced access control solution to monitor and control entrance to areas that you want to protect, prevent entry of unauthorized personnel, and to ensure a high-level of security.
The access control systems, which are fully integrated with the Synerion Time and Attendance system, eliminate the need for duplication of employee data and enable data flow between systems.

Synerion Success is our unique cloud-based solution that integrates with SAP SuccessFactors and Synerion Core HR. With Synerion Success you can unlock your company’s human potential by recruiting, nurturing, developing, engaging and retaining your people. You can also build a winning leadership team as well as improve business results.
Comprehensive, yet modular talent management solutions: from Recruiting, through Onboarding, Performance & Goals, Compensation, Learning to Succession & Development.

A comprehensive human resource management solution, from standard vs. actual positions management, all recruitment processes, to capturing candidate’s data into the employee file, where all personal and professional data is managed.
Synerion Core HR, our new employee file, enables the management of onboarding processes, work history, courses, training, personal meeting reviews and performance evaluations, up to the termination of employment.
Timesaving electronic forms, including digital signature, enable effective communication with employees and assure data accuracy and compliance.

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