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Interlock Hardware Solutions by Rosslare

In a double door system, an interlock mechanism prevents one door from being opened before another is locked and is most often used to secure clean rooms, access to secure places, safes, and rooms with special security requirements.

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The Rosslare access controller can be connected to multiple doors simultaneously, and it allows for the scheduled opening of one or more doors at a time, so that if one door remains open in a particular area, the rest of the doors will remain closed.

The doors can be controlled by open button / entry tag / biometric reader / reader with a facial scan and more.

The controller monitors readers, door opening buttons, door position sensors and dry touch outputs for opening the electric locks.

The interlock mechanism serves sectors such as pharma, electronics, manufacturing, R&D, diamond polishers and even prisons.

Interlock locks simultaneously controls 2-8 doors, in accordance with the definition of rules for opening / locking of each door in different situations.

Non-contact opening buttons can also be installed, which also serve as a “traffic light” that indicates the status of the door.

The interlock mechanism can be integrated in the access control system without the need to add special cards, using only system settings.

Synerion's Access Control Solutions Utilized by Leading Companies

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