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Synerion Direct – Self Service Solutions – ESS/MSS

A Clear View of all Data that you Need

Synerion Direct, Synerion’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) system, enables direct access to information, updates, and communication between employees and managers in matters of attendance, absences, tasks, and work schedules.
The innovative and friendly interface is easy to navigate and supports your work processes.

Employee and Manager Self-service – the information you need, when you need it

  • Fully adapted to the needs of the organization
  • Central control panel (dashboard) to highlight issues and trends that require your attention and allow for a timely response 
  • Workforce management  and monitoring by means of proactive alerts and notifications allow for early detection of problems and corrective actions
  • Innovative user interface, with easy and intuitive navigation between different applications, such as attendanceabsencelabor costing and scheduling and more
  • User experience encourages the utilization of the system and enables easy deployment
  • Accurate information and simple automated workflows reduce administrative work and prevent errors due to manual data entry
  • Accessible information for direct and fast communication between employees and managers, without having to wait for information and/or approvals from other business units.

Self-service system – Key features for managers and employees

  • Direct access to comprehensive data relevant to employees and managers, and the ability to update the information based on an authorization, monitoring, and security mechanism
  • Proactive alerts based on priorities
  • Analytics on issues such as attendance and absence, with analysis by the type of work hour (standard, overtime, etc.), by employee, by division, and more
  • Management monitoring of overtime and the ability to reject or specify a partial amount of overtime to be transferred to payroll
  • Communication between employees and managers concerning absences: reporting, requests for absence and approval/rejection of requests
  • Planned vs. actual displays on a variety of topics such as work schedules
  • Daily reports about errors/exceptions to prevent bottlenecks in the payroll department at the end of the month
  • Export of reports and graphs in multiple formats.

Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by Leading Companies

“The user friendly self-service system enables employees and managers to view and update attendance.
The summary reports provide me with an overall view of the situation, reducing my administrative work and that of the managers in the organization.”
Mazal Barel, Human Resources Coordinator, Brookdale Institute
"The transition to the Synerion Direct system provides employees and managers with real-time monitoring and control tools.
It ensures full transparency of data and makes it unnecessary to send requests to the Human Resource Department, and to wait for a response.”
Sari Davidovich, HR, Bnei Brak Municipality

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