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Command and Control Systems

Smart Central Command and Control System for Managing Buildings and Sites

Advanced command and control solutions for managing buildings and sites in a simple, convenient, and user-friendly way. Interfaces to systems such as: access control, cameras, alarm, LPR, detectors, fire control, video, perimeter fences, and more.

command and control

The command and control system allows you to manage, monitor, and operate the security functions of the organization from a central interface in one control room or at several centers. The system enables you to determine the legality of alerts and manage the image popups and screens of the system in accordance with the needs of your organization. 

It allows you to centrally analyze events, scenarios, and information arriving from the various systems in real time, and display the results maps of the structure/site, including analytics and instructions for control and operation. These functions provide readiness and full control of the security network during both routine and emergency situations.

Interfacing and Integrating

The command and control system is the core of many devices (cameras, alarms, fire and smoke detectors, burglar alarms, etc.). It integrates a range of various systems and displays them in a unified interface, allowing all systems to communicate instantaneously.
The system is designed for the management of sites and areas where a large number of low voltage and visual safety systems are installed, to provide an up-to-date picture and facilitate optimal decision making during incidents. The system automatically detects events and issues alerts on the screens according to predefined criteria by the customer.

Video Management – CCTV

  • Connects multiple cameras at one or more sites
  • Central event analysis
  • Exception management and alerts for every type of incident
  • Screen management and image pop-ups
  • Report generator.

Alarm and Alert System

  • Control of many alarm systems at various installations
  • Arming and neutralizing the systems
  • Managing scenarios during an incident
  • Moving cameras to the incident area
  • Display on maps of different types, and monitoring of the systems and detectors.

Access Control

  • Remote monitoring and control of open/closed doors
  • Graphic display on various types of maps
  • Identifying disrupted doors
  • Identify the access of authorized and unauthorized persons
  • Activating cameras for specific doors during an incident
  • Monitoring of guests and or individuals not authorized to enter protected areas.

Fire and Smoke Detection

  • Real-time alerts
  • Activating cameras and detecting sensors in the surrounding area
  • Managing scenarios during an incident
  • Deploying forces to the exact area
  • Display on various types of maps.

Interfaces Between the Command and Control System, Rosslare and Synerion Systems

Central management through a variety of command and control systems, such as Genesys, L Control, Magal, ​​Digivod, and more, which centrally manage the access control system, Synerion’s time and attendance system, cameras, alarms, fire detectors, including the generation of incident reports.


Command and control software that manages CCTV, including analytics, access control, burglar alarms, fire detection, site control/GIS, GPS, energy control, LPR, guest management, and more.
The system includes a mobile application for managing guards, rule mechanisms and actions for various scenarios, incident management, display maps, reports, and more.

L Control

Command and control system that provides a comprehensive review of all security solutions for building control and energy efficiency. It provides an immediate real-time perspective of all local and remote infrastructure security. It also provides a security testing tool for monitoring equipment and security procedures, and the ability to identify potential weaknesses in the security system.


The Magal command and control system expands the concept of physical security to the cyber world and unifies the two areas. The Magal system integrates the guard, the smart fence, the access control systems, and the information security systems into a comprehensive security array.
Magal protects dedicated systems such as infrastructure and information systems. if a breach is discovered, all actions required to be performed in real time are activated, such as closing ports, diagnosing failure points, transmitting messages to relevant parties, including deploying grads, quadcopters, and more.


Digivod is a video security management system for command and control software and IP cameras. It provides high-quality software solutions which enable matching to the relevant modules and project and makes it easy to install and operate, making video surveillance simple, for both analogue and IP cameras.
Digivod installations protect critical infrastructures, safe cities, public transport, and soccer stadiums.

Synerion's Access Control Solutions Utilized by Leading Companies

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