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Solutions for Healthcare

Synerion’s solutions for healthcare allow you to find the delicate balance between labor costs, and the growing demand for professional and skilled services resulting from the increase in life expectancy. Achieving this balance is difficult because of high employee turnover in the field, the cost of which may reach 5% of the budget, and the shortage of skilled workers such as nurses and caregivers.With the aging of the population, the demand for professional and skilled healthcare workers has increased, and with it employment costs. Synerion solutions enable you to manage your human resource more effectively, enhance employee productivity and improve patient care, while controlling labor costs. With our solutions you can identify the highest performing employees and compensate them accordingly, fill gaps in the skills and capabilities of the employees, and prepare the organization to meet future challenges.

Automatic Management of Work Processes

Synerion WFM solutions collect employee availability data, including requests for absence and staffing requirements.  They thus enable healthcare organizations to plan the required workforce to perform routine tasks, to manage time and attendance and its cost, and manage shifts including calculation and data transfer to payroll.
The automation of administrative processes reduces costs, and frees both managers and employees to perform the really important tasks– i.e., providing better patient care.

Workforce Recruitment and Retention

The costly process of recruiting professional, skilled employees demands the use of the most advanced tools to find the best match between the job’s requirements and a candidate’s skills. Synerion’s recruitment solution allows for the identification of candidates who best meet the job requirements, while shortening and streamlining the recruitment process.

With the help of our systems you can identify the most productive employees and compensate them accordingly; identify the gaps in employees’ skills and capabilities and manage training and learning plans; to identify tomorrow’s leaders and build for them professional development programs and career plans, and to prepare a succession plan.
You can reduce employee turnover and retain the professional, capable, most productive staff that will make it possible for the organization to meets its present and future objectives.
Main Benefits of Synerion’s Solutions for Healthcare
  • Higher level of patient care through better personnel coverage and more efficient management of absences, vacations, and training
  • Savings in operating costs by automating processes, reducing overtime and accurately calculating working hours according to the various employment contracts
  • Continuous improvement in service delivery – analysis and planning of work required vs. actual performance
  • Reduced exposure to regulatory risks through proper compliance with labor, health and safety laws and regulations
  • Improve recruitment quality and reduce time-to-hire and recruitment costs, as well as additional costs due to high turnover
  • Retention of highly performing employees by means of incentives and compensation
  • Establishing a professional workforce by managing training and learning plans.
Key Features of Synerion’s Solutions for Healthcare
  • Automation of time and attendance/absence management procedures, including processing data for payroll
  • Real-time alerts about absences/tardiness relative to planning
  • Support for a variety of employment and collective agreements, covering wage issues, time management, breaks, and bonuses for shift work
  • Employee and manager self-service, based on authorizations, that enables real-time viewing and updating of information, and improves communication regarding shift management and absence requests
  • Central control panel (dashboard), alerts and notifications, as well as analytics capabilities, allow trend analysis and the flagging of issues that require immediate and long term attention
  • Performance management tools to identify the most talented and productive employees and compensating them accordingly
  • Tools to manage learning and closing of gaps in employees’ skills, capabilities and up-to-date professional knowhow
  • Planning mobility and promotion of talented employees, and creating career and succession plans

Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by Healthcare

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