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Solutions for Telecom

Greater flexibility for customers to switch telecom service providers, new players in the market, and new reforms and regulations, are just some of the factors that have increased the competition among telecommunication companies.
When customers have a range of choices, differentiation is the deciding factor. With Synerion solutions telecom companies can manage their workforce more efficiently, in order to provide quality service and maximize their human resource capabilities to create a competitive advantage.

Recruitment and Retention of Human Capital

Telecom companies maintain a large workforce, particularly technicians and call centers. This workforce is young, of high-quality, and highly mobile, which results in high recruitment and training costs as well as difficulty in retaining employees over extended periods of time.

Synerion’s solutions enable telecom companies to reduce time-to-hire and maximize the match between candidate skills and job requirements. Identification of best performing workers enables better compensation planning. This ensures the retention of a high-output workforce and, at the same time, reduces the expenses resulting from employee turnover.
Winning the Talent Competition

People make the difference.
It is important therefore that you identify the key people and key positions in the organization – those that drive creativity and innovation and support the growth of the organization over time.
With Synerion’s systems you can evaluate the performance and capabilities of employees and identify the highest contributors to the organization. Our systems help you plan career paths for them and develop their professional capabilities so as to retain them over time and to prepare the “successors” for future challenges.

Labor Cost Control

A large number of field workers and employees who work in shifts require control over work time: shift managementattendanceabsence, and overtime.

Checking for proper personnel coverage to prevent over- or under-staffing, while ensuring quality of service at the required level, tracking, accurately processing actual work hours, and the preparation of payroll data are all covered by Synerion solutions. These ensure accurate payment, and make it possible to meet the budget as well as business objectives.
Main benefits of Synerion solutions for the telecom sector
  • Comprehensive, in-depth look into the workforce availability, efficiency, and labor costs
  • Staying within budget – accurate payment for the actual hours of work
  • Schedules based on qualifications, availability, and service needs to ensure adequate personnel coverage and prevent over- or under-staffing
  • Compliance with labor laws
    employment contracts, and collective agreements
  • Reduction of employee recruitment and training costs  through a short and efficient recruitment process of skilled employees who are most qualified to meet job requirements
  • Identification of talented employees and their retention through compensation and career planning within the organization.
Key features of Synerion solutions for the telecom sector
  • Translation of workload estimate into staffing requirements and shifts and employee tasks management
  • Comparison of actual attendance with schedule planning for the identification and management of exceptions
  • Recruitment tools that enable optimal matching between candidate skills and job requirements
  • Employee and Manager self-service, based on authorizations, that enables real time viewing and updating of information for improved communication regarding shift schedules and absence requests
  • Central control panel (dashboard), alerts and notifications, as well as analytics capabilities, allow trend analysis and the flagging of issues that require immediate and long term attention
  • Learning and training planning  for veteran and new employees
  • Performance management tools to identify best performing employees
  • Career and succession planning.

Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by Telecom Companies

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