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Case Study: Synerion WFM Solutions at Palram Industries

“The introduction of the Synerion Scheduling system was designed to plan the work scheduling in a more structured and orderly manner. The challenge was to harness managers and employees to the process, and we were certainly successful in what we wanted to achieve. Since the transition to the Synerion Scheduling system, the number of changes, both by managers and employees, has decreased significantly. 
Overtime is now managed and monitored. Managers have a clear view of their employees’ actual overtime and overtime quota utilization. They can find the reasons for any irregularities, and unhesitatingly decide what to approve and what to decline.
At the end of the process, all information is transmitted systematically to the payroll department for an accurate calculation of the payroll.
I, myself, use the Control Panel (dashboard), which allows me to easily identify anomalies, alerts or anything that needs my attention, including its drill down capabilities, to identify the root of a problem. In addition, now I know who is available in case of emergency”.

Hasik Barber, HR manager, Palram Israel.

Synerion Hospitality Suite - Kfar Maccabiah

“Synerion’s new solution changed our mindset – from decisions made after the fact to proactive and reactive decisions.
Managers have become significant partners in decision-making processes – not only are they responsible for their workforce management, but they also share in the responsibility for labor costs and profitability.
The solutions have helped us to maximize our human resources vis-a-vis the tasks”.

Sharon Hod, Human Resources Manager, Kfar Maccabiah

Case Study - Talent Management - SodaStream

“Full synchronization between the organization’s and the individual goals of SodaStream’s people has a tremendous impact, even on the company’s profitability level.
All people are on the same page, striving toward the same goals, and staying focused on them. Managers have stated that the structured process we have built helps them promote the company’s business goals.”

Ronit Sarig,
Director of Corporate Human Resources and Global Organizational Development, SodaStream

Case Study – Compensation Management - Altair

“We operate in the highly competitive high-tech market where our people are our most valuable asset.  It is our employees who have led us to become the leading company in our field. Proper compensation management is crucial to attracting the best minds in the market to our organization and retaining them over time.”

Shlomit Semel – VP HR, Altair

RAM, South Africa, Chose Synerion's Wokforce Management Solutions

“Since we started working with Synerion’s systems and began paying employees according to a combination of actual attendance and the work schedule, our payroll calculation accuracy significantly improved. The lack of the time spent going back and reviewing payroll, accruals or time-off and other administrative tasks, improved efficiency and even employees’ satisfaction. Our employees now have transparency to their reports and know that they are accurately and fairly payed.”

Santiago Rabellini (ISA Accounts), CA (SA) at RAM

Case Study – Retail Chain

“Our retail chain saved more than 500K$ a year after the move to automated management of employee time and attendance by means of the centralized Synerion system.”
Blue Square

Case Study – Manufacturing

“The overall new process introduced by Synerion, has saved us, at a minimum, 20% of work time”.

Bemis Flexible Packaging

Case Study – Hospitality

“Since we started using the Synerion Hospitality Scheduler module we were able to save 3% of our labor costs compared to last year…”

Isrotel Hotels

Case Study – Municipality

The reduction in the number of agreements allows simple and convenient management, including monitoring and control capabilities. 
The agreements, which were very specific and defined down to the smallest details of each employee, enable the most accurate automatic calculations of payroll.

“The transition to the Synerion Direct system provides employees and managers with real-time monitoring and control tools. At the same time, the responsibility has shifted to the employees…”
Sari Davidovich
Department Director in the Human Resource Division, Bnei Brak Municipality

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