Eli Avni

Co-Founder, Director & CTO

Co-founder of the company, Eli resumed his position as CTO in 2016.

After completing his service as an Air Force pilot, gaining his university degree, and acquiring professional experience, Eli partnered with Gil Yuval, today’s Synerion Group Chairman, to found Lavie Computers in 1983.
Lavie Computers was the first company in Israel, and among the pioneers worldwide, to offer work hours analysis and attendance solutions for human resource management.

Highly experienced in product development, Eli has been the director of development for work force management (WFM) products.
Eli served as managing director and Gil Yuval’s joint managing director since 2007 and since 2016 he manages Synerion’s technologies.

Eli holds a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.