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Synerion Core HR – Employee File

All current and historical information to support the stages of the employee’s life cycle

Synerion Core HR, Synerion’s new and comprehensive employee Web file, centralizes information to provide a current and historical view of each employee, from his/her personal data, through the onboarding processes, work history, courses, training, personal meeting reviews and performance evaluations, up to the termination of employment.

Integration with SAP SuccessFactors

Synerion Success is our unique cloud-based solution that integrates our Employee File, Synerion Core HR with SAP SuccessFactors solutions, to provide the best cost-effective ratio, even for mid-size companies.
This eliminates the need for duplication of employee data, positions, organizational structure and more, and enable data flow between systems.
With Synerion Success you can unlock your company’s human potential by recruiting, nurturing, developing, engaging and retaining your people. You can also build a winning leadership team as well as improve business results.

Accessible, available, flexible information, adapted to the organization’s needs

With access based on authorizations, managers, HR and employees can view and/or edit the extensive information, from anywhere and at any time. They can also file all employee documents in a secure and accessible place, and streamline and reduce HR administration and paperwork.

The advanced capabilities of the new and expanded employee file allow for the adjustment and addition of fields, depending on your specific needs, data sorting, statistics and more. This enables you to control and manage the information that is important to you in order to support informed decisions.

Synerion’s new expanded employee file: current and historical, quantitative and qualitative information

  • Standard vs. actual positions management
  • Management of personnel and employment information, such as: role history, positions, jobs, promotions, education, languages, payroll, benefits, and more
  • Information about certifications and licenses, courses and training, personal meeting reviews, performance evaluations, personal goals, and so on
  • Timing based alerts of issues such as a driving license about to expire or certifications that require renewal
  • Documentation of disciplinary actions, occupational accidents, required medical examinations and the like
  • Digital “read and sign” – defining procedures such as NDA, prevention of sexual harassment and others, and distribution to employees so that each employee will sign digitally. At the end of the process the procedure will be filed in the employee file
  • Electronic forms, including digital signature, that are completed by the employee for data updating, and saved as an attachment in the employee file
  • Onboarding management and termination of employment, including sending of instructions to other parties involved in the process
  • Collecting and saving attachments and documents such as resumes, employment contracts, diplomas, etc., in various formats, including search options
  • Definition of actions to be taken during the onboarding / promotion / work termination process, in order to monitor the status of the action. Ability to determine who else (other than human resources personnel) may view this information.
  • A variety of search options based on parameters such as education, trial period, and so on.

Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by Leading Companies

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