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Synerion Recruitment

Recruit the Best. Reduce Cost per Hire. Shorten Time-to-Hire.

With Synerion Recruitment you can manage a high quality recruitment process effectively, providing a quick response to your organization’s dynamic recruitment needs and realizing a quick return on investment.

Synerion Recruitment for High Quality and Effective Recruitment Process
  • Shorter time to hire – Shorter time to hire – capturing applicant resumes from a variety of channels (e-mail, external files directory, etc.), automatic indexing, and initial sorting of resumes in multiple languages
  • Reduction in cost per hire – management and real-time monitoring of accumulated costs per stuffing request. Enables recruitment budget planning, cost comparison between jobs and more
  • Improved recruitment quality – bi-directional matching between job requirements and applicant skills, and graphic visualization of the degree of suitability, for identification of the best-qualified candidates and the creation of a qualitative and reliable pool of applicants
  • Managing the various recruitment sources to promptly identify the ones with the candidates most suitable to meet job requirements
  • Efficient management and monitoring of all stages in the recruitment process – flexible workflows adapted to job requirements and the organization’s needs and operational mode, to manage, follow and monitor the recruitment process and identify deviations from specified timetables
  • Streamlining communication with multiple interfaces involved in the recruitment process: Human Resources, hiring managers, candidates and placement agencies
  • Control panel that provides information by “push” instead of a proactive search, as well as alerts that call for action.
Synerion Recruitment Supports your Workflow
  • Tools for managing and monitoring of tasks (To Do List) that the recruiter has to perform at all stages of the process: concerning candidates, hiring managers, and others, including a reminder mechanism
  • Threshold questions for quick screening of candidates who meet the threshold requirements
  • SMS to a candidate/group of candidates, based on templates or free text *
  • Alerts module that ensures organization compliance with Notice to Candidate Law requirements, by automatically generating timed alert and reminder email notifications *
  • An integrated web portal for the recruiting/interviewing manager that allows direct communication with the HR department as part of the recruitment workflow defined for the position*
  • A candidate’s portal, which is an integral part of the Careers page in the company’s website, that displays available openings and enables the candidate to apply for positions suitable to his abilities*
  • A wide range of analytics for measuring the efficiency of the recruiting resources, identifying cause of process halting, funnel reports and more
  • Full synchronization with MS Office, including Outlook, and the option to export to Excel
  • Multiple language support
  • Available in hosting.



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Synerion's Advanced Solutions Utilized by Leading Companies

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