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Candidate’s Portal

The Candidate’s Portal is a supplementary product to Synerion Recruitment. The portal is an integral part of the Careers page on the company’s website. Using the portal, a fast and user friendly process, enables the potential candidate to apply for an open position suited to his skills, as well as view additional job openings that may be of interest to him.

Candidate’s Portal – Direct Communication with Candidates

  • An additional channel for posting jobs and receiving resumes
  • Obtaining more accurate information than from regular CV, due to candidate’s ability to better emphasize data relevant for the job
  • Savings in administrative work due to the automatic entry and deletion of job openings from the website
  • Fast and user friendly application process that displays other positions in which the candidate might be interested
  • User experience contributes to company brand as an employer.

Main Features of the Candidate’s Portal

  • Automatic posting of any position that opens in the recruitment system, and its deletion from the portal upon completion of the recruitment process
  • Posting open positions in the company’s internal portal for internal recruitment, or in the company’s website for external recruitment
  • Pointing out  “Hot” jobs
  • The candidate can find relevant jobs based on areas of expertise or keywords
  • Capturing of applicants’ resumes
  • Automatic indexing of resume: personal data, skills, experience, education, and more
  • Better candidate data – the candidate can complete and emphasize relevant data in order to improve his suitability for the job requirements
  • Display of additional open positions that might fit the skills of the candidate
  • Direct links to information such as: the company, recruitment process, and so on
  • Portal design compatible with company’s website
  • Support of tablets and smartphones.

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