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Performance Management

Share Goals. Measure Performance. Reward Success.

Performance Management is more than just measuring performance against objectives.
The Performance Management  enables you, your managers and HR teams to inspire people to perform to the best of their ability, make sure that all goals are aligned, measure performance and reward success.
You can provide your employees with self-improvement tools to assess their overall contribution to the organization as well as their personal compensation.
Key Benefits of Performance Management:
  • Improved performance: setting personal goals for employees and managers in line with company objectives to create high motivation for achievement
  • One-Click analytics: provides executives and HR manages with both high-level overviews and drill-down information on best performing and high potential employees, performance comparisons between business units, seniority vs. performance and more
  • Transparency: a flexible and intuitive performance review process which is simple for line managers to administer and increases employee engagement
  • Performance based rewards: rewarding based on employees’ actual performance against set objectives, in full transparency.
Working together

The Performance Management works in conjunction with the Career & Succession Planning to help identify people who are ready for leadership roles or who have specific development needs.

In addition, through integration with the Compensation Management, incentives and rewards are clearly correlated between individual performance and the organization’s compensation and benefits packages.

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