From Assessment to Recognition – Talent Management – SodaStream

About SodaStream

SodaStream turned an existing idea into a dynamic and thriving business concept: at the touch of a button SodaStream beverage bars change plain water into soda water or into wonderfully flavored sparkling drinks. Within only a few years, the company’s innovative implementation of the idea has made it the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of home carbonation systems (according to a global market study performed by the Candaean Company).

With the slogan of “Water Made Exciting”, SodaStream is leading the revolution in the soft drink industry. The company operates in 45 countries worldwide and serves more than 24 million consumers who all make multi-flavored fizzy drinks at home!

The Challenges

With growing numbers and global deployment, SodaStream searched for a system that would allow for a comprehensive view of its human capital, and data analytics that would provide insight and assist in informed decision-making. In addition, the company looked for a system that would help it to carry out a performance management process (PMP) and recognition of 1,700 of its people.

The company’s global headquarters and center of operations are located in Israel. Its global distribution, which covers the US, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, South Africa, Japan and many other countries, and where the main activities are marketing and sales to the domestic market, requires local human resources units that operate independently and report to company headquarters.

To store employee data and for their performance management process the distributed HR units used different systems. Some units used forms to conduct the process. Compensation management for the sales representatives was done using Excel.

The Company’s management lacked a comprehensive view of its people – a view that would enable a corporate snapshot and assist in making decisions regarding the organization’s success factors: How many Talents do we have and how to retain them? What should we do with those who need reinforcement? etc. – decisions that have a direct impact on the organization’s performance and profitability.

An intuitive solution that enables integrated and complex processes

“We chose Lumesse Talent Management, which is marketed and implemented by Synerion, because it suited our HR concept,” says Ronit Sarig, Director of Corporate Human Resources and Global Organizational Development in SodaStream.
“We preferred it over the other systems we tested because of its user-friendly and convenient interface, the built-in processes that met our needs, its cost-effectiveness, as well as the ability to grow with the system with the addition of complementary modules from the integrated solution package.”

Using Lumesse Performance Management, we set goals for our people for the coming year at the beginning of the year. These objectives are derived from the organization’s goals and are cascaded downward. In practice, each person sets his/her own goals and the managers fine-tune them, depending on the organizational needs. 
Because of the company’s flexible and dynamic nature, goals may change during the year. These changes are tracked in the system, in order to make it clear as to what led to the change. Mid-year we hold a short review to examine the progress made in the execution of the set of objectives. 

The performance management process is the basis for the “recognition” process of our people. It is also the basis of our training program, which is aimed to close gaps and to round out skills and competencies that are required for each person, as well as for the organization. It is here that “talents” (overachievers), are identified and career and succession plans are prepared for them.
The recognition processes are based on the individual’s performance and include compensation, training, role enrichment, mobility options and promotion.

The individual performances of the sales force, locally and worldwide, serve as the basis for the monthly / quarterly / yearly bonus plan. The partition of the bonus “pie” is performed accordingly, in fairness and transparency.

“The organizational chart gives us an online snapshot of our people. We have information at a glance about each person, which is summarized effectively in his personal file, as well as his position within the organization. Everyone can share with others his/her own information as well as meet and get to know his/her colleagues.” Moran Goodman, an expert in organizational learning, Human Resources, odaStream

“As the system administrator, I can testify that the system’s operation, on the technical level, is straight forward, clear and intuitive. Whenever we needed it, we received support and service from Synerion at an outstanding level.”
Yaron Sabbag, IT Project Manager, SodaStream

Impressive results

Lumesse Talent Management systems have given us the tools that allow the organization’s management and professional managers to achieve their business goals,” says Ronit Sarig.
The performance evaluation of SodaStream’s people is done in an organized and structured manner, and has become a routine part of our culture. Using Lumesse Learning Gateway (LMS), our people have access to online tutorials on how to optimize the process, as well as other learning materials relevant to their development within the organization.

Using Lumesse Performance Management system to record all stages of the process, including gap reports, etc., has driven SodaStream’s peoples and management to the realization of the organization’s goals. Moreover, it has enabled us to plan the learning and provides the tools necessary to close the gaps.

Reports generated from the system, provide a status snapshot of the organization and its departments. Each department manager receives his/her distribution bell curve in comparison to the other organizational units. Tools provided to managers have led to an organizational change by which they are responsible for the performance management process and performance measurement, and are committed to meeting the business objectives.

The executives receive a status view of the organization, including a comparison between the different departments, a comparison to previous years and so on. Management has a clear picture of who are the highest contributors to the success of the organization.
This clear picture allows for decision-making on organizational development issues such as compensation, talent management, employee retention, mobility and promotion.

Full synchronization between the organization’s and the individual goals of SodaStream’s people has a tremendous impact, even on the company’s profitability level. All people are on the same page, striving toward the same goals, and staying focused on them. Managers have stated that the structured process we have built helps them promote the company’s business goals. “ Ronit Sarig, Director of Corporate Human Resources and Global Organizational Development, SodaStream

Benefits and impacts

  • Synchronization between organizational and individual objectives improves the extent of meeting goals and business results 
  • Change in corporate culture and transfer of responsibility for organizational processes to the professional managers
  • Enhancement of people’s engagement using a “road map” that links their performance to the organization’s goals
  • Expanding capabilities and development of human capital
  • Mobility and promotion within the organization
  • Optimal distribution of bonuses to sales personnel, based on performance
  • Positioning of HR department as a leader in innovation and organizational change.